In an ideal world, the sky would be the limit to what is possible. Great ideas won’t be considered too unconventional to receive funding, and contractors won’t give inaccurate estimates.

But, in the real world, not everything is possible. “Unconventional” ideas are written off as having zero percent chance of success, and fluctuating market conditions and human flaws cause inaccurate construction estimates.

Nevertheless, there’s danger in thinking anything is impossible. It can lead to a limiting mindset and limit one’s potential for growth and success. Just because something seems inconceivable doesn’t mean it is impossible.

Believing that ‘anything is possible’ helps you approach challenges with an open mindset. It also enables you to explore all possibilities before dismissing something as impossible.

The belief that ‘anything is possible’ is why Bolster is able to use coding to create a construction technology that makes it possible for contractors to provide homeowners with accurate construction estimates.

Bolster: From Zero Percent Chance To Growing By 800%

Imagine being told by an expert that you have zero chance of winning or achieving your goal. It’d be difficult to remain motivated and keep on. Most people would likely give up and try something else. But, not the founder of Bolster.

While seeking funding for Bolster, a local investor said that Bolster had a “zero percent chance.” Who could blame the investor? A tech platform that could give accurate construction estimates in an ever-changing market seemed far-fetched.

But, founder, Mike Bignold, didn’t let that deter him. He teamed up with David Vass and went on to raise $8.45M in a seed round of funding to build a recession-proof construction tech company, and Bolster now processes over $250m.

If he had believed anything is impossible, not only would there be no Bolster, but all the contractors and homeowners Bolster have helped create accurate estimates would have lost money and time.

The truth is, you have a zero percent chance of success only if you don’t try. Even when something seems like it has zero percent chance of succeeding, never say never.

Bolster Story So Far & Future Projections

Bolster was developed in response to an urgent need to streamline and improve cost estimation in the construction industry.

With the understanding that inaccurate estimate is one of the root causes of the broken contractor workflow, Bolster founder, Mike Bignold, leveraged his background and expertise in business, construction, and coding to launch a platform that disrupted the construction industry.

He didn’t just outsource the idea to developers, but actually coded the entire platform from scratch. He had also run a 35-employee contracting company in construction, so he understood the frustration and loss caused by inaccurate construction estimates.

Since then, Bolster has delivered on its promise to de-risk estimation, automate processes, and ultimately patch up the relationship between contractor and homeowner. It achieves this by offering a dynamic, real-time experience – the only one in the industry – made possible by tech.

Construction companies that use Bolster have seen a 35% increase in bookings and a 7% increase in profit per job. Furthermore, they spend minimal time creating accurate estimates for clients and less time re-estimating.

Today, despite being told that it had zero chance, Bolster is becoming one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada. In the last year, the company has seen 7x headcount growth.

Anything ‘Construction Estimate’ is Possible At Bolster

If a construction company is starting a project with a rough estimate, they’ve already missed their project completion date from day one.

They’ve likely underquoted and won’t have enough money to complete the project. So, the construction work would be stalled, and the homeowner would be frustrated.

But, with fluctuating market prices, insufficient time to develop estimates for complex projects, benchmarking errors and other issues, is it really possible to create accurate construction estimates?

Well, anything ‘construction estimate’ is possible with Bolster.

Bolster is a unique construction estimating platform that creates accurate estimates faster, so companies can deliver excellent construction services.

Bolster's H.A.R.T. Quote Engine is unlike any similar tech in the construction industry. It is an easy-to-use, innovative technology that breaks down every construction material to a unit price to provide real-time, accurate construction estimates.

With Bolster, there’s no need for “allowance” pricing when creating construction estimates. So, contractors won’t lowball themselves, and homeowners would know exactly what they are getting for their estimates.

Contractors can add and update construction materials to quotes in real-time, within minutes. Even more so, they can create a digital catalog of upgrades and downgrades homeowners can choose from.

In addition to construction estimates, Bolster also provides a built-in CRM tool that allows construction companies to collect leads, book clients and manage projects. It also makes sending invoices, receiving payments, and paying vendors and subcontractors easier.

The bottom line is that Bolster helps contractors and homeowners to save time and money when carrying out construction projects. And, not thinking anything is impossible enabled the founder to stay positive and combine coding and construction to create the tech platform.

You can check out Bolster unique features or book a Live Demo to see how Bolster works.

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