As a general contractor running a renovation company or custom home building company you most likely want to win more projects, right? More than likely, your potential customer is getting more than one quote, so how do you make sure you put yourself in a better position to actually win it?

In order to grow and scale you need to get inside the head of your customer and understand their pain points and how they view quotes/estimates they are receiving for their renovation or custom home. Most people are frustrated with how long a quote takes, the amount of detail that is lacking, and ultimately have no idea if they can truly trust the quote they are given. So to win more projects you simply need to produce faster, more accurate quotes that make sense to the consumer. Easier said than done, right? Isn't that one of the biggest problems in construction? Producing an accurate quote quickly is almost impossible! So the contractor has to either resort to very rough estimating (to make it quicker & easier) or painstakingly spend hours making the quote accurate with every line item accounted for. From my experience, I'm assuming most contractors if they were honest would admit they really don't have the time to give an accurate quote so they rely on rough numbers. Something along the lines of, "hmmm.... I did a job just like this and it was about XX so I'll just copy most of that quote over and hope that I make a profit". In reality, most contractors have no idea what kind of profit they are going to make with each project they book.

Even if you are a larger company that has the resources to provide accurate estimates that take hours, think of how much money and time is being used up during this process! And even though you are taking the time to make sure the consumer knows their real cost, it's taking so long that you are putting yourself at a disadvantage compared to the other companies giving rough, fast estimates. Okay... I think everyone knows this is a very real problem. I'd make a bet that most contractors would happily provide fast, accurate quotes if that was even possible. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that fast, accurate quotes that are easy to understand will close more jobs and make the contractor's life a lot easier. Until now the only tools contractors have had to produce estimates or quotes are not solving this problem. Sure, you can "digitize" the same old process but nobody has reinvented the way residential construction services are bought & sold. That is until now... CostCertified is solving this EXACT problem. We know what it's like to run a contracting company and the pain involved with quotes, re-estimates and change orders. That's why we set out to actually rethink the entire process. There had to be a better way!

Now with CostCertified, you can give an accurate quote in minutes that would have taken you hours. As a custom home builder, I'm sure you are thinking it's impossible to give an accurate quote that's needed in minutes since everything is so custom. But, our software is uniquely designed to handle the most custom type work. One of our current clients, a custom home builder, reduced their estimating time from 4 hrs down to less than 20 minutes and have increased their booking percentage by over 30% using CostCertified. And trust me... they were VERY skeptical at first that they could use CostCertified for their unique estimates. What if you could actually solve the problem of fast, accurate quotes and automate re-estimates and change orders? How would that impact your company? How much more could you grow? What if by doing this, you actually knew the profit on each project?

It's life changing. CostCertified is unlike anything seen in construction. It isn't just digitizing the same old process. It's a completely new approach to construction management. So I bet your wondering how much a software platform like this costs? Honestly, we could charge a lot of money per month and we are very confident you'd still be making way more money using our platform.

But, we decided to do something unthinkable... make it free. We want to change the entire world of residential construction so we aren't going to create any barriers. It's a "biz in a box" for contractors and you get access to a CRM, our proprietary quoting engine, cost tracking, invoicing, and much more! But there's a catch... In order for CostCertified to forever change your company for the better, it takes a commitment on your part to spend some time at the beginning setting it up. Once it is setup, your estimates, re-estimates and change orders are done on the fly. Every contractor that has taken the time to set it up properly has increased their bookings and profit almost instantly.

Are you ready to take your renovation company or custom home building company to the next level?

Bolster Isologo