A lot of people ask us, "What exactly is Bolster?"The simple answer is that we turn a contractor's boring, static estimate into a beautiful, e-commerce buying experience for their customers. We are focused on making the consumer experience way better resulting in the contractor booking more jobs and making more money per job.

Your customers are used to an e-commerce buying experience so why are contractors still providing static estimates? HomeDepot and the other "big boys" are going to start to eat your lunch if you don't adapt and start giving your customers what they want. It doesn't need to be hard either... Bolster has made it really easy for you to get up and going so you are building & sending dynamic, accurate quotes that resemble an "Amazon like" buying experience.

Your competition won't know what is going on because your estimates will be unlike anything else. Bolster is the future how construction services will be bought, sold and managed... the only question is will you get on board now or wait until everyone is using it?

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