Kitchen remodeling is the #1 most popular home improvement project.

However, if you're a kitchen remodeling contractor, this doesn't mean that you're rolling in revenue. Profit margins can be tight and you might find yourself spending large amounts of time on creating estimates that never get accepted.  

But what if we were to tell you there was a way to change all this, and increase both your profits and your turnover? 

Enter kitchen estimating software. Kitchen remodel estimating software offers contractors a way to revolutionize the way they do business, gain back time, and win more bids.  

Sounds too good to be true? Continue reading to find out how kitchen estimate software can help grow your business today.  

Faster Estimate Generation

One of the ways kitchen estimating software can help you grow your business is through faster, better estimate creation.  

Unfortunately, many contractors still draw up their estimates manually. This is highly time-consuming and can easily lead to errors. 

Even if you are using a tool to create your estimates, you're probably still spending hours every week compiling them. With our remodeling estimating software, you can generate estimates within minutes instead of hours.  

How is this possible?

Well, for one, Bolster allows you to pre-create items, complete with uploaded images, specs, and more. Once this is done you can even group items together into plans. From here you can go on to group certain plans with other plans.  

For instance, you can group a kitchen island "plan" together with a sink, backsplash, and cabinetry plan.  

When it comes time to create an estimate you can leverage these plans and drop them in within seconds.  

Besides this, Bolster also allows you to input the square footage of the kitchen you are bidding on. This automatically adjusts item totals for things that are affected by the total area, such as flooring, tiles, paint, etc. 

Not only does faster estimate generation save you time, but it also looks more professional to clients. Imagine you get two estimates from two different contractors, one within a couple of hours, and one in a few days. Which one will stand out to you? 

Better Organization

Besides saving you time, kitchen estimating software also creates better organization. Are you still creating estimates using a spreadsheet? Or switching between multiple tools to quote and communicate with clients?

If so, this can become messy fast.  

Messy documents and communications are never a good thing, but they are even more detrimental as you expand. If you're growing and starting to hire sales agents and managers, how are they going to keep up with a system that's spread across multiple tools?

Or worse—if you've yet to migrate to the cloud—multiple devices? This is a recipe for disaster, errors, mismanagement, and unhappy clients. With construction estimating software, you can create and view all of your estimates from one place. As well as quotes, clients, and projects. This allows you, your teams, and salespeople to seamlessly interact and serve clients. 

More Accepted Estimates

One of the biggest ways remodeling estimate software can help grow your business is through more accepted estimates. One of the reasons why we created Bolster was to enable contractors to create and send quotes that would actually serve their clients.  

Most traditional remodeling estimates don't motivate clients to hit go on their projects. Instead, they raise more questions, grey areas, and uncertainties than they solve.  

Imagine you want to remodel your kitchen. You're excited about what the upgrade might look like and you reach out to contractors and ask for estimates. In return, you receive a list of line items and a total cost figure at the bottom.  This doesn't give you any visual insights into what your finished kitchen will look like, or what your finish options are. If you want to refine these, you have to laboriously flesh out finishes and product options with your contractor. Only to receive a final estimate that might be far above what you got originally. 

This estimating process takes the control out of the clients' hands and presents a number of friction points on the buyer journey. Bolster is here to change all of that. 

No More Static, Confusing, and Boring Estimates

Instead of sending your clients confusing, generic estimates, Bolster allows you to create interactive, visual estimates that allow clients to swap out finish options in real-time, right within their estimate.  

Our estimates include item images, as well as specs. This gives clients a chance to see how the selections pair together and get an overall view of the finished product.  If they don't like a certain finish, hardware, tile option, etc, they can select an alternative or an upgrade. Their selection will instantly update the estimate to reflect the new cost. This enables you to provide your clients with a virtual showroom experience, all from their estimate. 

Not only does this place the power in the clients' hands, but it also allows them to get excited about their remodel and be able to pick out finishes in an Amazon-style buying format. Being able to get an instant visual on their project, adjust it in real-time, and see the altered cost can trigger clients to accept estimates at a much higher rate. Reports state that general contractors only win 1 out of 6 bids. Some contractors have bid to acceptance ratios of as low as 1 out of every 35. If you present clients with visual, interactive estimates that show them all of their options—you'll be able to stand out from all other contractors and turbocharge your estimate acceptance rates. 

Easy Margin Setting

Besides winning you more bids, kitchen remodel estimating software can also earn you more in product markups and margins. With our easy-to-use sliding scale, you can set a standard margin for your business. You can also adjust this for individual items. Lastly, by having margin parameters in place, you can ensure that when your salespeople want to give out discounts they don't go below any pre-set minimum profitability margins.  

Kitchen Estimating Software

Are you looking to grow your remodeling business? If so, one of the most powerful things you can do is start leveraging kitchen estimating software.Faster estimate creation and easier acceptance are just two of the pivotal advantages remodeling estimate software bring. If you take advantage of Bolster, you'll also enjoy better accuracy and organization. As well as effortless estimate changes, cost tracking, and more.  Ready to kickstart growth, stand out from the competition and delight your clients?

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