Every time I recall my earlier days as a budding contractor in Calgary, I'm reminded of the importance of prioritizing safety, especially when it comes to fire hazards. I've put together this helpful checklist to help my fellow contractors navigate the same. If you've been in the construction business for a while or just starting out, here's something for you.

The Foundation: Understanding Safety

Before diving into the checklist, let me bring up a piece of wisdom that's been passed down through my many years in this business: Safety is not just about knowing the rules but understanding why they matter. While I've been pretty deep into the construction estimating world, I always make it a point to return to the basics of safety. It's the bedrock of every successful project.


Calgary Contractor Fire Safety Checklist

  1. Smoke Detectors & Alarms: Ensure they are installed at all essential points and test them regularly.
  2. Fire Extinguishers: Have them at accessible locations. Know the types and their specific uses.
  3. Safe Storage: Store flammable and combustible materials safely. Separate them from ignition sources.
  4. Electrical Safety: Ensure all electrical installations and tools are up-to-code and checked for faults. A little tip from my side: I always use the Bolster software to keep tabs on materials and tools used in a project.
  5. Regular Training: Conduct frequent fire safety drills and training for your crew. Remember, preparedness saves lives!
  6. Site Cleanliness: A clean site is not only professional but also safer. Discard scraps, waste, and unused materials regularly.
  7. Evacuation Plan: Have a well-marked and clear evacuation route, and ensure everyone knows it.
  8. Emergency Numbers: Display emergency contact numbers prominently. This includes the local fire department, hospitals, and key personnel.

Why Fire Safety is Paramount

Now, this might feel like a detour, but I've always believed that getting your estimates right goes hand-in-hand with ensuring safety. I mean, what's the use of perfect calculations if the foundation is at risk? One of my most referred-to articles on this topic is the difference between Estimates, Bids, Quotes, and Proposals. Once you understand these nuances, ensuring safety becomes a natural part of your workflow.

Moreover, Calgary, with its unique climate and construction landscape, has its set of challenges. We have to always be one step ahead.


Staying Updated

Staying updated with the latest Calgary fire safety regulations is not just about compliance but ensuring the welfare of everyone involved in a project. Did you know there's also an article on what actually is happening in construction technology? Technologies are evolving, and we should too.

Final Thoughts

Look, guys, I've been around the block, and I've seen what cutting corners can lead to. Safety, especially fire safety, is not where you want to skimp. Stay safe, stay educated, and as always, happy building!

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