In the construction world, time really is money. So, it’s no surprise that tracking time is a big issue for many construction company owners, estimators, and project managers.

Fortunately, these days, we have an alternative to timesheets and punch card machines, and it’s right in our pockets. So, let’s take a closer look at contractor time-tracking apps, why you need them, where to find them, and what to do with the information you get from them.

Why Do We Need Contractor Time Tracking Apps?

In the construction world, everything is time-based. Lead times for suppliers to get products to your job site. Your crews need to hit productivity targets to ensure you make enough profit on each job. On-site delays are what you need to charge your client for.

Recording all of these time-related issues on paper is time-consuming and not very efficient. In fact, when you try to use paper-based tracking on any job site, there’s a good chance some of it will never make it back to your project administration team.

Time-tracking apps are fast, and most will send information to your team in real-time, so there’s no chance something will get lost between your site and your estimators and project managers.

Best Free and Paid Contractor Time Tracking Apps

The good news for contractors looking for tech solutions for time tracking is that there are lots of time tracking apps out there for Apple and Android devices. Here are a few of the best ones so you can find one that works for you faster:

QuickBooks Time:

If you’re already using QuickBooks for accounting, then QuickBooks Time might be the best contractor time tracking app for your team because it will automatically integrate with payroll and other accounting functions. Bolster is also integrated with QuickBooks so you can get all your paid invoices in QuickBooks automatically.


Is a free time-tracking app that has lots of features. It might not integrate with other tools you’re using, but it will give you accurate time-tracking information.


Is another tried and tested time-tracking option that works for many contractors.

If these options don’t work for you, a quick search on the Apple store or the Google Play store will give you plenty of other free and paid options you can try.

How to Use Contractor Time Tracking App Data

Time-tracking apps make things a lot easier for whoever does your payroll, but there are other ways you can use the data you collect from contractor time-tracking apps.

If you find that you’re behind schedule and not reaching productivity targets set by your estimating team, a time-tracking app will alert you sooner so you can find out why. Sometimes, slower progress is because of your crew, but often, there’s something else slowing things down, and you might need to talk to your client or even get a change order.

Another great way to use time-tracking data from every project is to cost your jobs. Construction estimates are usually educated guesses, but you won’t know if your guesses are accurate or not until you close the loop, and job costing is how you do that. Make sure that the app you’re using for time tracking allows you to specify a project so you can accurately assign time to each project and then use that information to adjust your estimation if necessary.

Data from time-tracking apps can also show you if it’s time to consider labor-saving tools and equipment. If everything is taking much longer than it should, your people might need better options to get things done faster, so when you’ve reviewed the data, talk to them and get suggestions about improving things on site.


For residential contractors, navigating the complexities of construction projects requires efficiency in time management. In the quest for optimal productivity and profitability, the adoption of contractor time-tracking apps emerges as a game-changer. Moving beyond traditional methods, these apps offer real-time data transmission, ensuring nothing is lost in the shuffle between job sites and project teams.

As we explored the best contractor time-tracking apps, the importance of streamlining processes became evident. Yet, for a comprehensive solution addressing not only time tracking but also construction estimating, Bolster stands out. Discover the future of construction management at Bolster, where cutting-edge construction estimating software awaits, promising to revolutionize residential construction projects and propel them to new heights.

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