According to reports, 1 in 3 home renovations goes over budget. And this isn't the only thing that goes wrong with remodeling projects. From misunderstandings with clients on finishes—to unforeseen complications, sometimes completing a project on time and on budget can feel like a miracle. Not only is this stressful for you, but it also makes for nightmarish customer experiences for your clients. Fortunately, residential construction estimating software can change this. If you take advantage of an innovative residential construction estimating software solution, you can drastically improve your clients' experience. While simultaneously saving yourself infinite amounts of time.

Sounds too good to be true? It's not, and we'll prove it to you. Keep reading to discover 5 powerful reasons why the right remodeling estimating software can revolutionize your customer service and your estimate acceptance rate.

1. Fast Estimates Build Trust and Increase Acceptance Rates

One of the underlying reasons why residential construction estimating software is vital for great service is it builds customer trust. When a potential client seeks out estimates, they are starting a buying journey. They are trying to figure out what they can afford and who they can trust to help them achieve their remodel plans. Homeowners often have to wait days to weeks for estimates to come back to them. Any homeowner who is excited about their project is likely to get a little frustrated having to wait this long to find out what they can afford. The reason why homeowners have to wait so long is a lot of contractors are still relying on manual methods for generating estimates. Those who are using renovation estimating software are probably using a tool that still requires them to manually input all elements for each quote. Down to things like drywall and screws. If you've been creating digital construction proposals this way, you know how long it takes. Now it might sound crazy, but there is a better way. If you use remodeling estimating software like Bolster, you'll be able to generate estimates on the spot. Once you have your account set up, you'll be able to combine assemblies to quickly create accurate estimates for even the most large-scale projects. As a result, you can create and send estimates within minutes.

Receiving an almost instant estimate is one of the best ways to provide stand-out customer service from your very first interaction with new clients.

2. Accurate Estimates Are Like a Dream Come True for Homeowners

Do you know what finance experts are telling homeowners? That they should expect renovation projects to cost 50% more and take 50% longer. This is fair advice, given the current state of traditional estimating. But this doesn't have to be the reality for your clients. If you utilize Bolster's renovation estimating software, you can create highly accurate estimates. Not only can you generate them in a matter of minutes. You can also ensure that they reflect the true cost of the project, even after any add-ons or upgrades the clients make. How is this possible? We'll explain below. 

4. Inspire Them With Instant Visuals

Have you seen what the average estimate looks likes? Of course you have, you're in construction. But have you actually looked at one through the eyes of a potential client? Most estimates are not very inspiring. Clients start out with an idea to upgrade a space in their home. The first step they take is to reach out to contractors and gather estimates.

What they get back are endless lists of line items in black and white. With erroneously looking totals at the bottom. They have no idea what the end result will look like. Or even what the main difference is between quotes. They're expected to sign off on multi-thousand dollar projects, without even having a visual idea of what they're paying for. They have nothing to get excited about, except the vision they have in their own heads. Which might or might not be what they're going to get. They have no way of checking that the contractor's end product is going to be what they're envisioning. With Bolster estimates, your clients will get a visual of the paired finishes for their project. This is because our estimates automatically populate with images of the different selections. Through this, they can quickly get a snapshot in their minds of what the end result will look like. 

5. Put the Power in Their Hands With Interactive Estimates

Another important way Bolster's residential construction estimating software can revolutionize your clients' experience is through interactivity. Unlike any other solution on the market, Bolsters's estimates are interactive. If clients don't like a certain finish, they can browse further options and swap things in and out. The estimate will update in real-time to reflect any price changes.

This is absolutely game-changing, both for clients and for you as a contractor. One of the big problems with traditional construction estimates is they are entirely non-visual and static. Clients have to make multi-thousand-dollar purchasing decisions with only a confusing list of line items to go by. This can be a very stressful experience for homeowners. After getting vague estimates, clients are forced to sign off on one before moving forward. Then they have to drive to endless showrooms to browse finish selections. Once they have made their final selections, this will typically drive up their total cost by 20% or more. To make these changes, they also have to go through each important line item and get involved in a mile-long back and forth process with the contractor clarifying their different options and the impact this will have on the total cost. Does that sound like a nightmare? It is! Thankfully, with Bolster you can ensure that none of your clients ever have to go through this stressful process ever again. 

Choose the Right Residential Construction Estimating Software and Watch Your Acceptance Rates Soar

Residential construction estimating software has the power to revolutionize your customer service. However, you need to choose the right remodeling estimating software solution. Otherwise, you'll still be sending out static, confusing digital construction proposals, thereby forcing your clients to sign off blindly and jump through hoops to make finish selections. Bolster's estimates are interactive and highly visual. They remove friction points and entirely transform the client experience. Bolster gives convenience, control, and clarity back into consumers' hands. Try out Bolster today and watch your acceptance rate skyrocket.

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