Your One-Stop Guide to Estimating Success from an Experienced Residential Contractor.

Hey there! As a seasoned residential contractor specializing in estimating, I've learned a few tricks of the trade over the years. If you're looking to sharpen your estimating game, here's my compilation of best practices to help guide you to success in 2023.

1. Embrace Technology

In this digital age, construction estimating software has become a game-changer. With tools like Bolster, you get accuracy, speed, and ease. From my personal experience, investing in a good software early on can save you hours of manual work. I've seen many peers still clinging to their Excel sheets, but trust me, the benefits of a good software, like real-time data updates and visualization features, are immense.

Personal Anecdote: I remember a project where my manual calculations went haywire. I then turned to Bolster and never looked back.

2. Always Stay Updated

The construction world is always evolving. Keep abreast with the latest in materials, labor rates, and overhead costs. One great way? Dive into informative reads like "How to Calculate Labor Rates & Costs for Construction Estimate".

3. Break Down the Estimate

A lump sum figure can be daunting. Break it down into material, labor, overheads, etc. It's a method I swear by. Moreover, software options like AutoCost can make this process seamless.

4. Constantly Review and Revise

Estimates aren't set in stone. Review them periodically, especially when there are changes in the project. Remember the post on "How to Handle Unforeseen Issues and Costs in Construction Projects"? Yep, always be prepared for changes.

5. Provide Detailed Documentation

Your client should understand your estimate. Include notes, breakdowns, and even visuals. That's one of the reasons I love Bolster's approach to turning boring construction estimates into a beautiful eCommerce buying experience.

Pro Tip: Always provide references and citations to your estimates. It builds credibility!

6. Keep an Eye on Trends

This is 2023! We're seeing a surge in sustainable construction, and with articles like "Sustainable Construction: Green Building and Net-Zero Building Trends", it's clear where the industry is heading. Don't be left behind!

7. Communication is Key

Always keep an open line of communication with your clients. It builds trust. If there are changes or potential increases in the estimate, let them know ahead of time. This ensures transparency and reduces disputes.

To conclude, the world of construction estimating is vast, but with the right approach and resources, success is just around the corner. Don't forget to check out the Bolster Blog for more insights.

Happy estimating, folks! Remember, every great project starts with a great estimate.

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